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"All of you were exquisite professionals, provided the right advice and appropriate solutions to issues. Your approach towards our client, Morgan Stanley and the assignment epitomizes the fundamental ingredients of a successful business partnership."

Ronald Ong
"We have found Raslan Loong a notch above many legal professionals, providing us with practical and innovative solutions and sound competent advice for both onshore and cross-border transactions."

Joanne Yeoh

"Our relationship that has spanned a good half decade is built not only on a bed of trust but deep found understanding of each other. Caesar, See Hua, together with your team of legal assistants had taken into account the unique business circumstances we encountered and had with your years of experience and adept technical knowledge in corporate law, managed to overcome most if not all of the issues that were thrown at you."

Vincent Chew

"I have worked with Caesar and his team since 1995 and I find that they are ahead of many of their peers in the corporate field. They know exactly what the clients need - go straight to the point in a very professional and focused manner and very promptly too."

Peter Chong
"We have always enjoyed working with our friends at Raslan Loong. In just 10 short years, the firm has grown into a strong player in the legal markets in which it operates - earning the respect of its clients and its peers, and never losing the dynamism and energy that are such key ingredients in its success."

David Meale,
"Professional, indefatigable, relevant, balanced and generally nice people whom I could relate to. These guys really can work and play hard. I find it hard to believe it has been more than 10 years that I first met Caesar when he and his friends were thinking of ‘graduating’ from Skrine & Co. How different were we all then? Congratulations for having come this far and for having the courage to face the challenges along the way. You deserve all the accolades for showing the tenacity and capacity to stay on course."

Chew Hoy Ping
"Over the years, Raslan Loong has provided legal counsel in pertinent milestones of Powertek including developing the loan financing documentation for Powertek’s very first power plant in 1994 and assisting us in the negotiations to secure the Power Purchase Agreement with TNB on the second power plant in 1998-99. We are pleased to note that Raslan Loong has indeed proven to be a true partner with their abilities to adapt quickly to our needs and go the distance for their clients."

Dr Ong Peng Su
"It was a decade ago when I had the opportunity of using the services of the firm. And as the portfolio under my responsibility grew, the association and advice sought from Raslan Loong also grew proportionately as I found the partners and the team to be very professional, knowledgeable, pragmatic and commercially oriented particularly involving corporate and commercial aspects of our business. Their overseas offices and affiliation also prove to be useful as they provided professional assistance and offshore advice in our joint venture agreements and investment overseas."

Dato’ Michael K C Yam
"I first met Caesar in 1983 when he was a bright, ambitious and very personable law graduate student at Cambridge University. It does not surprise me to find that he has gone on with his partners at Raslan Loong to build a law firm that is recognised as one of the best Malaysian-based firms. I have had opportunities to work with members of the Raslan Loong firm and have always been impressed by their knowledge of the law and their commitment to service. "

David R. J. Lefebvre
"What distinguishes your firm is your focused advice that goes to the commercial heart of the issue and looks for pragmatic solutions."

Belinda Gibson
"I have been dealing with Raslan Loong since 1995 when I first arrived in Malaysia. I remember their old offices in Wisma Nusantara - a long way from the ambience of their plush offices nowadays at Menara John Hancock. It has been a pleasure dealing with a variety of lawyers at the Firm and I must say they remain one of my favourites in Malaysia."

Steve Clayton
"We can testify to their dedication and commitment in delivering and maintaining a good service track record. On many occasions, Raslan Loong has provided the much needed legal perspective in our delivery of timely and practical solutions to our clients."

Andrew Heng and Heng Ji Keng
"They are a thoroughly professional firm and I am in no doubt that you would find them stimulating people."

John Campbell
"The firm has made great strides. I like the progressive stance of your firm."

Chok Kwee Bee

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