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SERLAH - By Articles

SERLAH is designed as a legal update for our clients. In classical Malay, SERLAH mean ‘Manifest’, ‘Apparent’, ‘Significant’ or ‘Radiant’. It has been adopted to symbolise our desire to inform our clients of legal and commercial developments in Malaysia.


Latest Issue Volume 2, 2009
Editorial Commentary on the Government's plan to bring back the Malaysian diaspora.
Case Reviews & Commentaries
on Judical Pronouncements
Abandoned Housing Project: Tan Sri G Darashan Singh v Loke Kee Development Sdn Bhd & Anor [2009] 7 MLJ 157
Reviews the law when a housing project is abandoned due to financial difficulties.
  Passing Off – No Monopoly on Prefix ‘Mc’ – unreported
Discusses the Federal Court’s ruling on Mc Donalds’ battle against Mc Curry Restaurant (KL) Sdn Bhd which shows that the common law remedy of passing off cannot completely safeguard one’s business goodwill.
Summaries & Essays on
Practice Issues
CORPORATE: Modernisation of the German Private Limited Liability Companies
Describes the changes to make GmbH more internationally competitive particularly against private companies limited by shares incorporated in the United Kingdom.
  CORPORATE:  Iskandar Malaysia
Reviews the progress of and highlights some major developments in Iskandar Malaysia.
  ENVIRONMENT: Developing Green Technology
Highlights some of the initiatives taken by the Malaysian government to develop green technology.
  CAPITAL MARKETS: Who is to Blame?
Discusses the Madoff case and highlights some of the legal mechanisms to protect investors.
  PROPERTY: Foreign Ownership of Real Property in Malaysia
Highlights the approvals and matters which foreigners would need to consider when acquiring real property in Malaysia.




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