Raslan Loong Advocates & Solicitors  
Raslan Loong Advocates & Solicitors
Sole Malaysian member of :
International Alliance of Law Firms
IALF is an international network of select, business-oriented law firms in more than 40 countries.

Strategic Partners

Raslan Loong is a member of the International Alliance of Law Firms which is a network of more than 60 highly regarded law firms throughout the world. Being a member of this network allows us to provide seamless law support for multi-jurisdictional transactions economically. In addition, we also work with a wide variety of international law firms on a reciprocal basis for specialist advice and support.

In Germany we have long been linked with the corporate boutique Reeg Rechtsanwälte. We are the Malaysian cooperative partner of the international multidisciplinary practice Roedl & Partners for work in the Asia Pacific.

Through these strategic partnerships Raslan Loong has been able to obtain almost limitless resources.

Other Offices or Partners


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