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Offshore Offices


We have always adopted a proactive approach internationally. We were the first Malaysian law firm to venture abroad by setting up an office in Pretoria, South Africa, in 1995. In March 2002, we became the first Malaysian law firm to establish an office in Europe by setting up operations in Mannheim, Germany. We have maintained an office in Singapore since 2003. With offices and associations overseas, we have worked on many international transactions and cross-border projects between Malaysian and foreign companies.

We have also cultivated good working relationships with many foreign associates since our inception and have received and continue to receive referrals from international law firms. We are the sole Malaysian member of the international law grouping known as the International Alliance of Law firms.

These overseas offices and alliances with foreign associates have enabled us to obtain technical resources and specialized expertise not otherwise available locally. We are hence able to provide legal services from an international perspective.


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