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Raslan Loong Advocates & Solicitors

UK Conveyancing & Banking

Our UK Conveyancing Service provides the following services in Malaysia:

  • Representing you in the property transaction and liaising with opposing parties or their solicitors
  • Meeting you personally to explain all aspect of a UK property and loan transaction
  • Conducting enquiries and searches
  • Negeotiation the terms of the sale contract and exchange contracts on your behalf
  • Preparing completion statements and any other closing documentation
  • Receiving monies and making payment on your behalf
  • Advising and repsentating you in a UK loan and mortgage
  • Filing a Land Transaction Return and paying any stamp duty land tax due on your behalf
  • Advising on specific questions on taxation for UK property ownership
  • Registering title and mortgages
  • Helping you identify property agents, mortgage brokers and surveyors

  • Other Services


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