Raslan Loong Advocates & Solicitors  
Raslan Loong Advocates & Solicitors

Our lawyers come from a diverse background of legal training and include English trained Barristers, Advocates and Solicitors of the Supreme Court of Singapore, graduates from Australian Universities together with our Malaysian Advocates and Solicitors. Our affiliation to the International Alliance of Law Firms provide multi-jurisdictional of support and resources for handling cross-border transactions and global expertise in a whide spectrum of areas.

Lawyers Loong Caesar Partner
  David Soong Tshon Li Partner
  Swinder Singh  
  Chew Minn Yi  
  Thoo Lit Ying  
  Hong Su Zhen  
  Tang Ching Yee  
  Begonia Ponsit  
Resident Counsel Ong Cheow Lan Resident Counsel, Singapore
Foreign Associate Dr Axel R Reeg EU Counsel, Partner, Reeg Rechtsanwälte


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